The Zite Pocket-Combo, My Two-Stop Information Digest.

Being the info hungry tech nut that I am, I do a lot of reading (listening), I relentlessly look for new faster ways to shove as much info in to my head as possible without exploding. One of my favourite ways to do this is with the Zite-Pocket Combo.

I used to check a plethora of websites. Than some of these websites like Engadget, and Appleinsider got apps, which was nice. However the sheer amount of time it would take to check all of these sources, was taking its toll.

I resolved to find a new solution that would do the job, while dramatically reducing the amount of time it would take for me to filter through the news of the day. After sifting thru many options available for content discovery, for example stumble upon Quora etc… I found Zite.

Zite provided a simple way to choose my interests and just scroll thru the best of the web.

After making an account you just search and select your interests, Head over to your top stories, and send the mosts interesting stuff over to Pocket for consumption at a later time.

20130809-155253.jpg     20130809-155755.jpg     20130809-155805.jpg

Once your Pocket is populated with interesting things, it’s time to chow down.

All of the articles you send to Pocket will be in your main view. From there you can tap on article to view them in their entirety. Pocket automatically renders the text perfectly for reading on a mobile device, while still giving you the option to view it in web form. This is a nice feature that I didn’t fine in Instapaper.

20130809-175343.jpg     20130809-183450.jpg     20130809-183458.jpg

There are tons of great ways to aggregate your news from the web. This is just my current go-to. If you have other suggestions I’d love to hear them!

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