Simple Seriously Good Beef Tartar

This is a simple beef tartare recipe that is delicious, and will definitely impress the opposite sex or the same sex. (assuming of course they are not a vegetarian, and have good taste )

I absolutely love tartare. A lot of people are afraid to make it at home because it’s raw. Let me reassure you that not only can you make this and not poison yourself and your guests, but you will definitely be making tartare again. It’s also a lot less expensive to make at home.

Getting up to speed on raw meat: Fresh raw meat is safe. When you buy your meat, make sure it was packed that day and comes from a reputable butcher. Tell the butcher you are going to be eating it raw so that they can advise you on the freshest product available.

Skill level: Beginner


– angus beef tenderloin 1lb
– red onion
– lemon
– cilantro
– parmesan cheese
– spicy sauce (sriratcha)
– dijon mustard
– worcestershire sauce
– olive oil
– egg yolk
– salt
– pepper

The Ingredients

The ratio of each ingredient will depend on the amount of beef you are using, and your personal taste. For this reason, add a bit of each at a time, mix them together, taste, and repeat until you find the balance you are looking for.


1. Take two large bowls. Fill one bowl with ice and water, than put the second bowl on top of it. This is where we will put the beef once cubed, so that we can keep it cool until we plate and serve it.

The meat

2. Cut the beef, cheese & onion into equal sides cubes. Chop the cilantro & put it all in the bowl. Than add the egg yolk, spicy sauce, worcestershire, mustard, salt & pepper.

In the bowl

3. Stir all these ingredient together, then taste and adjust until you are satisfied. Remember it’s always better to add more of something because if you add too much you can’t remove it and you will have ruined your beautiful beef. Take a ring mould or small bowl. Place it in the centre of your plate and stuff in the tartare mixture. Press it then remove the mould to leave a perfect cylinder of tartare.


4.Pour some olive oil over the tartare, and on the plate to give the affect that the tartare has a green ring around it. Slice the lemon down the centre and make 5 even circular slices, then cut each of those in half. Place the slices in a fan shape at the four corners. Place two of the slices on top of your tartare. then squeeze some lemon juice over everything. Give the tartare a dusting of salt and pepper. Finish by sprinkling some cilantro on top of everything. You’re ready to eat! Get in there ASAP raw food is best consumed immediately.

Lets eat

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