◆ Project Management/ Leadership

I currently run operations at DogSync. We Build the words first task management application for dog owners.

Click the logo to check out the website.


◆ Photography

I founded a media company called Syne Productions. Some of our portfolio is on the website. Click the logo to go there!

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◆ Videography

I started editing video at 16. I have completed the final cut essential training course on and edited dozens of movies using it.

Here are two musical performances that I shot directed and edited for a fantastic musician Amos J.

◆ Self Hosted WordPress Blogs

I have built several WordPress websites. This blog is a WordPress site and I built it myself. I completed the WordPress essential training course on I also have experience with shared and dedicated hosting services & FTP clients.

◆ Apple Computer Expert

I have been using Mac computers since the age of 16. So far that’s 7 years which is 2555 days. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s Calculations in his book “Outliers” . you need at least 10 000 hours experience with something to be an expert or master if you will. I am on my computer an average of 8 hours a day EVERY DAY! if I only count half of that, I am already at 10 220 hours (20, 440 if I count the full 8 hours) so at least according to Malcolm I am an expert.

◆Culinary Creation

I started cooking when I was 16. I think I will let my FOOD speak for itself. Enjoy!